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What can you do in an hour?

Brené Brown says :

"Time is the great non-renewable resource. It’s precious and needs to be used well."

I love quotes. So that got me thinking? What can you do in an hour?


To celebrate Young Careers Week this month I was happy to give an hour of my time to support six young carers in Milton Keynes. (FYI this was the first time we met)

What we did in an hour:

  1. We introduced ourselves by first names and one super-strength that we were happy to share.

  2. We paused our caring role for a moment and together drew what ’our best life’ would look like.

  3. We benchmarked how thing are now, March 2024, by saying one thing that’s going well and one thing that’s not so good.

  4. We saw the gap between now and the good life.

  5. We had a conversation about the difficulty to move across the gap from now to our best life

  6. As we talked I recorded things in the gap, things that might get in the way.

  7. We dot voted on the things that got in the way the most. Most votes were having a ‘lack of confidence’.

  8. We had some fun understanding and creating some ideas about how to get rid of those things in the way.

  9. We created our own Zine pocket personal reminder for after the session.

Here’s some feedback from the young people and their parents after the session

“Really enjoyed the small group and the interaction with others
“My daughter really enjoyed the artwork and was really pleased meeting the cartoonist”
“This is great, thank you so much, the feedback was very helpful. Without commitment, you'll never start, but more importantly, without consistency, you'll never finish”

For me that was an hour used well!

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