graphic wall recording 

Capturing in words colour and images what is said in real time on a 3 metre graphic wall. Great for conferences and keynote speakers. A visual record of what happened at your event. It adds a unique element to any occasion and can be shared in a digital formats.  Lockdown in 2020-2021 has alllowed me to develop online ways to support your event.

graphic facilitation 

Through rich conversation and skilled facilitation capturing groups ideas. Great approach for planning and strategy. The picture above helped a school develop its three year plan. I've supported orgainisations co-production and conslutation phases as an indepent practioner. 


Bespoke drawing that explain often a complexity of ideas. The images can be use in documents, PowerPoint presentations, posters or on your website.

I draw to help people. This may be illustrations to bring your text to life. 'Strat-o-grams' to help you explain strategic concepts. or real time drawing to capture voices from small groups to Keynote speakers.

I draw to help people.

I coach to help people help themselves.

I train to help people help others.